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GTS Defense is a business development firm focused on engineered products and systems for ground and naval defense applications. We research the market for the best match between our clients’ products and capabilities and their customers’ requirements. Our passion is connecting the right buyers and sellers to help them mutually achieve their project goals.


We represent the following products for defense:

Curtiss-Wright Ground & Naval

Part of a $2.1B company traded on the NYSE under the symbol CW, Curtiss-Wright Ground & Naval is an industry leader in electric actuation products that use roller screw technology as a comparable alternative to hydraulic actuation. Since 1992, we have thousands of actuators successfully fielded on radar, weapons, ships, robots and military vehicles. Our value proposition is to provide an all electro-mechanical rotary, linear or hinge actuator as a comparable replacement to hydraulics in the same package size.

ITT Enidine Defense

Part of a $2.7B company traded on the NYSE as ITT, ITT Enidine is an industry leader in providing shock & vibration isolation, dampers, buffers and rate controls for all different types of military applications including weapons, ships, UUVs and ground vehicles. We have a 90,000 square-foot facility in Orchard Park, NY and have a strong pedigree of working with many of the major defense OEMs.

KVH Industries Fiber Optic Gyro-Based Inertial Navigation

KVH Industries is a $175M company traded on the Nasdaq as KVHI. It is a premier manufacturer of rugged, high-performance sensors and integrated inertial systems for demanding defense and commercial guidance and stabilization applications. We offer fiber optic based gyros, IMUs and INSs for many different types of military applications including: autonomous vehicles, weapons, UAS, UAV, mapping, antennas and satellites. We are an end-to-end provider of INS solutions because we are the only US-based company that makes its own fiber.


We help manufacturers and their customers exceed expectations and implement efficient sales strategies:


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